Our Story

Who We Are

Travel KOTRoom is a boutique travel experience company founded to curate tools and resources for the adventurous heart to experience the world.

Our mission is to change the narrative by making travel accessible to everyday people. Regardless of your travel goals, our offer of services caters to the needs of individuals, families, and large groups. Travellers of all ages can expect a safe and exciting experience.

At Travel KOTRoom, client experience is a top priority. Our practical knowledge, extensive travel experience and endless quest to challenge boundaries differentiates us and influences the service we provide to our clients.


Meet Our Founder


Travel KOTRoom Founder

My name is ‘Lara Aromire

…and my heart bleeds travel


“Travel is how I have been able to survive and wholeheartedly come to love the world. Travel is not just about collecting country stamps on my passport but about challenging my existence, breakdown barriers, experience unfamiliar cultures and cherishing every moment.


When I am not curating the next Travel KOTRoom eXPerience or  specialised vacation plan or a country guide, I am exploring the world or sharing my love for travel.

Asides from curating and hosting Travel KOTRoom eXPeriences, I work with SMEs and Startups in creating the unique employee focused environment.